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Multi-Angle Phone Stand With Light

Multi-Angle Phone Stand With Light

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For content creators looking for a competitive edge, FlairStand™ is a must-have device. Offering innovative features such as fully adjustable heights, dual-LED lighting, wireless capabilities, and 360-degree rotations, it is a multi-angle phone stand with light that will revolutionize your content creation experience. Now you can capture engaging images and videos without worrying about shaky hands or poor lighting conditions – just set the stand up and use its adjustable dimension functions to discover an endless array of angles to choose from. Plus, with its wireless capabilities, you can take pictures and videos while controlling your phone's settings remotely! FlairStand™ helps bring your creative visions to life – so get yours today and let the world enjoy your captivating content!



Product Specification:
Material: Aluminium alloy, Plastic
Dimensions: 82.6X31.5X24.8 inches
Max height: 51.2 inch (130 cm)
Net weight: 1116g
LED lifetime: 10,000 hours
Fill Light Battery: 3.8V 1000mAh
Power Supply: DC 5V/2A (USB Type-C)
Accessories: Remote Control, USB Type-C Cable
Anti-slip rubber pads  

Wireless Control:
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Remote Controller Battery: 50mAh 3.8V
Button 1: Controls Front LED Light
Button 2: Controls Back LED Light
Camera Button: for distance selfies, start live streaming, recording, and vlogging
LED Light Color: White Light, Warm Light, Mixed Color Light Effect
Range: 10M

LED Light Effects:
Standard Time: 4h-12h
Light Effects: 7 Light Effects
White Light: Level-1, Level-2
Cold Light: Level-1, Level-2
Mixed Color Light Effects: Level-1, Level-2, Level-3

Package Includes:
1 x FlairStand™
1x Bluetooth Remote Control
1x USB Cable Charger

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